Milli – eden bw

Milli – eden bw

55.00 CHF

Milli is definitely the sporty one. The fixed straps cross over at the back and can be adjusted individually, so that it feels like a second skin, giving you total mobility while still looking fresh. For the full sporty look pair them with the Rote bottoms.



Complete the look

The perfect fit for a surf bikini or surf swimsuit makes sure that it stays on, no matter what. Therefore our surf bikini sizes are rather tight and small. However, in contact with water the fabric will expand a bit. So if you try on your new surf bikini or surf swimsuit and it is just a bit too small, this is how it needs to be. All measurements are taken on unstretched fabric. Please understand that our surf bikinis and swimsuits are handmade products. Therefore, sizings might vary ±1cm (±½inch).

Sizing for our surf bikini top Milli

This sizing is valid for all Milli tops from the 2019 collection and newer.
A: including chestband; B: From left to right triangle end

cm (inch)
cm (inch)
cm (inch)
XS16 (6.5)30 (12.2)3 (1.2)
S17 (6.9)32 (13.1)4 (1.6)
M18 (7.3)33 (13.5)4 (1.6)
L19 (7.8)36 (14.7)5 (2.0)
XL20 (8.2)38 (15.5)5 (2.0)
XXL21 (8.6)40 (16.3)5 (2.0)

sporty, lower cut neckline
broad straps
fixed cross-over back straps
straps tighten individually
made with 100% high quality lycra
no padding
double layered
moderate coverage
ultimate wearing comfort
made for surfing


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