OY Surf Apparel has a community of OY- lovers from all around the world. These inspiring ambassadors show the same amount of passion that goes into every single OY Surf Apparel piece. Find out who these powerful OY family women are.


The Philipino- Canadian beauty is living it up the Canggu by surfing daily, being creative with photography, and making her own jewelry. For the most part, she only travels by longboard. Especially when she goes out for her morning sessions in the water, it gives her time to think and reflect on creativity and new ideas. Anna’s statement about OY Surf Apparel’s products: “The one-piece is my absolute favorite! In addition to that, I also love the Brazilian bottoms, they make my butt look pretty good.”


Elle Sampiere was born on the US east coast, but is now living it up in California. She is a big Sage Erickson fan because the pro surfer stays true to herself despite the fame. Elle loves yoga, painting and art in general. Her statement about OY: “The comfort, the adorable patterns and flattering cuts and that they stay in place while surfing are just a few of my favorite things about OY Surf Apparel.” If she could be an animal, she would be a dolphin and doesn’t care how cliché that sounds! This 17-year-old means business with surf and already takes part in competitions. Her favorite surf slang words are “stoked” or “frothing”, because according to Elle, they describe the best feeling in the world.


OY muse Lorena was born in Peru, but currently rides waves in Tenerife. At 31, she is the proud mama of a little boy and works at a surf shop. Don’t let the petite body trick you: after a surf session, Lorena enjoys nothing more than a burger with fries, a smoothie and a strawberry dessert to top it off. Yum! When asked to describe OY Surf Apparel Lorena says: “These are bikinis that meet all the needs that a surfer can have.”. When she’s not out surfing, Lorena spends time with her family and claims that her boyfriend and son give her motivation and perspective in life. Check out Lorena’s beautiful photos for the 2017 lookbook.


If mermaids existed, Anaïs would be one of them. The French surfer spends a lot of time in Bali, where she loves “the culture, the people, the food, the easy going life, driving a scooter to look for a perfect wave”. Already an experienced surfer, Anaïs knows how important it is to respect the locals and the other surfers. Good vibes are also one of the reasons the 29-year-old is an OY ambassador. She explains: “I like the vibes Oy Surf Apparel convey. All the Oy maids I met are passionate, natural and full of energy.” When she’s not surfing, Anaïs does pilates, cardio and swims to stay fit. She’s also very attached to her family and always keeps in touch, even if she’s on the other side of the world.


Her friends call her Doro, and the 29-year-old is a Graphic designer from Brittany, France. Her advice to someone who just started surfing is to get a surf buddy who pushes your boundaries. Doro loves meeting new people. That’s also how she first heard of OY, while working with a Swiss girl who was “wearing a very cute bikini”. She’s been a huge fan ever since and says: “The fits are perfect, the designs are too damn cute and most importantly, it is the ONLY bikini that stays on!” Her personal favorite are the cheeky Brasil bottoms. Her choice food after a surf sesh? One word: Pokeeeeee!!!  Doro enjoys being outdoors, going on trails with friends, skating and kite surfing. She first went to Bali in 2016 and admits it was scary at first. Now she says: “It was one of the most beautiful, exciting and enriching experiences I could ever have in my life.”


The 33-year-old yoga instructor and event manager, lives in Zarautz, The Basque Country. The enthusiastic and spontaneous Yogini likes to spend her time taking part in sports activities out in the nature and traveling the world as often as possible, to explore and experience new cultures. Her purpose goes further, by wanting to share the passion and power of yoga to as many like-minded people as possible. Esther’s views on products of OY Surf Apparel: “I feel extremely comfortable in OY Surf Apparel, when I’m doing yoga, hitting the waves or hiking. I’m definitely addicted to the OY leggings!”



Parisian beauty Mathou left France 3 years ago to travel through Central America. She now settled in El Salvador, where she spends her days surfing, cooking and taking care of her dogs. Mathou is best friends with another OY maid, Anaïs, who first introduced her to the brand. She says it was love at first sight: “OY bikinis are my best surf partners everyday, I love to go surfing and not worry about losing my bottoms!”. To tank energy after a surf session, Mathou enjoys a traditional Salvadoreño breakfast consisting of eggs, black beans, plantain banana, rice and avocado. She loves to go swimming with her boyfriend and dogs to relax, and is an enthusiastic yoga newbie.


From the sweet islands of Sulawesi, this 23-year-old has found her way to the paradise of Bali waves. Currently working as a free surfer in Denpasar, for Sofie nothing else matters, for she spends every moment she can in the water. Her best moments include always being able to catch another wave, and taking advantage of each moment; the moments that make one the happiest. What Sofie loves about OY Surf Apparel is that the different models are super comfortable, and above all won’t slip off while surfing. “I just love it so much! The cuts and beautiful colors.” she adds.


This beauty is from Culburra Beach , NSW coast of Australlia, but now because of the love of her life, she lives in Medewi, Bali. The sports instructor and life guard (qualified as a high school sports/health teacher), spends every free minute of her time in the water, and has high respect for the power of the sea. She draws her energy from the uncontrollable waves for her daily dose of happiness and freedom. Hayley’s input about OY Surf Apparel: “I love the leggings made of Lycra! They are great for protection against the sun, but they also keep their promise to not slide off in the water. I also absolutely love to surf in the surf-kinis!”


Originally from Jember, East Java, in Indonesia, Sri Santiarawati found her way to Bali. In the lovely Canggu, the 33-year-old lives her days as a freelance nanny and a free surfer. Santi’s opinion of OY Surf Apparel products: “The Bikini’s are super comfy, and will stay on even when I have my casual wipe-outs.”


Charlotte is a mandala artist, model and surfer from Holland. She now lives in Sagres, in the South of Portugal. In her spare time, she likes gardening, long walks on the cliffs and watching the sunset with a cold beer. She also loves to draw mandalas while watching the waves, as a way of sending positive energies to the people around. When surfing, she thinks it’s important to respect the locals and the rules and to take the learning process slowly. Even though the Dutch surfer thinks OY is “simply beautiful”, she only wears the bikinis, since she’s not a fan of swimsuits. Her last meal would be a tasty falafel burger with a side of sweet potato fries. Yum!


Originally from Lapland, Tiina now lives in Sweden and works as a yoga teacher and physiotherapist. She fell in love with OY Surf Apparel in Bali, where she says that getting in touch with the island’s nature helped her get through a tough time. Since then, the 29-year-old has been a huge fan of the bikinis and leggings, finding them perfect for surfing and practicing yoga in the heat. Nature is a big part of her live, both in stillness and in movement; it keeps her centred and gives her strength. Tiina cannot imagine wearing another brand during her sports activities: “OY’s exquisite design feels like a second skin on my body!”

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