OY now closer to you!

OY now closer to you!
March 31, 2017 OY Surf Apparel
oy now closer to you

So far we have been operating the shippings of our solid, steady and sweet OY Surf Apparel only from our store in Switzerland. This has lead to high shipping costs, long and unpredictable delivery times and sometimes to additional customs fees if you were ordering from outside Switzerland. Though we want your shopping experience to be more pleasant by getting rid of these issues. That’s why we decided to open a new location in Europe.


On Sunday, April 2nd we’re opening our new warehouse in Germany. The shipment of OY Surf Apparel to Europe will be much faster and cheaper.

If you live in Europe or any other country outside of Switzerland and have been hesitating to order because of complicated customs fees and long waiting periods, this is your time. Check out the online EUROPE STORE for a selection of our products and you’ll soon be rocking a new OY bikini on your next surfing trip.

Wait, there’s more!
As an introduction to our new EUROPE STORE we’re offering a 5%* off your next order total. Just use the coupon code:


*valdi from April 2nd until April 8th

OY yes, summer is coming.

Store Location

You are currently visiting our EUROPE store. You can switch to our SWISS store here.

Please have in mind that the conditions regarding shipping and customs may be better for you if you order from the EUROPE store.