OY goes Cali!

OY goes Cali!
September 25, 2017 OY Surf Apparel
OY goes Cali! Rose Machado

Ever wonder what it’s like to live and surf in the Golden State? Well, we sure do. So we asked our California representative Kyli Fox to tell us about her life in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, about California’s surf culture and her connection to OY bikinis. Told in Kyli’s own words and with pictures of the talented and beautiful Rose Machado.

Kyli and Rose

Surfing and living in Cali

“I love Cardiff. It feels like a big surfing family, this is a hardcore surf town. Our day revolves around how we are going to get in the water, so we definitely let laundry and groceries and stuff like that be put on hold to go surfing. We eat rather a lot of salad and scrambled eggs for dinner because it saves valuable surf time.”

Kyli FoxKyli Fox

“I’ve seen a lot of fights in the water but a lot of kindness too. The locals watch out for each other. Ego is not appreciated and squelched pretty quickly from what I have seen. We have some very, very talented and very well-known surfers from these parts and they are incredible to watch and learn from.“

“I was born in Orange County in the mid 70’s and spent my younger years napping on the beach and boogie boarding. One of my first memories is being put on the front of someone’s longboard and catching a wave. I think I was hooked at age 5.”


Finding OY and shooting with the girls

“I found OY Surf Apparel on Instagram and liked what I saw enough to look on their website, where I instantly wanted one of everything. I couldn’t understand why the bikinis weren’t being sold here in the States and in particular in California. So having represented other brands before and being an ambassador for Surftech, I reached out to see if I could help bring the brand here because I saw a need and loved the materials.”

“Rose is definitely on top of her game having done numerous shoots before. She knew just how to pose, how to walk and quickly change her expressions.

I assumed being a Machado, surfing would be a no brainer and we weren’t disappointed. We got some really beautiful shots of her in and out of the water. She has a beautiful smile and was fun to work with. Thanks, Rose!”

Rose Machado

Wow, Kyli sure got us California dreamin’! We’ll keep you updated about OY’s adventures in the States and are looking forward to more rad photos of our Cali girls.

Photos by: Bella Gilchrist

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