OY Retreat: Memories Of The Very First

OY Retreat: Memories Of The Very First
October 19, 2018 OY Surf Apparel
Oy retreat group!

This year in June we celebrated our very first «OY Retreat» in Portugal, of course, girls only!

In a home base in the region of Algarve, the girls expected a full week of surf coaching, yoga, good food, and fun side activities. Ashley from the Waveup magazine, a participant of the OY Retreat told us:

“As soon as the booking confirm had arrived, I knew that this won’t be a normal kind of surf camp. To be able to decide whether we want to eat vegetarian, gluten free, lactose/dairy free or even vegan did open a very special kind of view of that upcoming week. Why not changing my eating habits and try something new?”

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To really get you involved in an honest and neutral review, we then asked Ashley for her personal experiences in our first «OY Retreat» as a guest:

“After that booking confirms, my expectations did grow a lot. I never had the chance to decide my own eating wish for a week like that. Even if I am a allround eater, I started to get excited about trying something new, why not changing my eating habits for one week to vegan or lactose-free?

After our travels from Zurich to Lisbon, we finally arrived at the bus main station from Lagos, Portugal.  My Waveup dry-bag left no speculation open, that Tina from TSE Surfcamp welcomed us with open arms. In our ride to our new home base for the week, we already got some more information about what we will experience in the «OY Retreat». Arrived at the Villa Catalina we have been speechless, our double room would have been big enough for four beds, and the ambiance couldn’t be more comfortable. Mosquito net, an own bathroom and a sweet tiny terrace with a wonderful view to the pool – it couldn’t be any better!

Wrong, It got better. A powerful group of women, in numbers there have been 13 guests, OY Surf Apparel Co-founder Zelia, the yoga teacher Esther, OY ambassador Dorothée and the surf coaches Lea and Andreia. All together on one long table in the dining room, where all senses have been stimulated at the same time. I guess I don’t have to explain you the noise level that gave us all a great start into a delicious dinner and the big anticipation of what came next.

Did Alex, the third and only male surf coach share our enthusiasm? In any case, he never lacked the energy to push his level-assigned surfers on a daily basis. In the first as well as in the second session. Even if we had to handle conditions, which equaled the month of January. Not infrequently it has been chilly, sometimes rainy and windy. However, the unusual temperatures for the month June kept almost nobody from completing at least one session with the utmost enthusiasm.

But I have to be honest, with my online booking for this «OY Retreat», I often asked myself how will that end up with that much female in one place. So many women united in the camp, out in the lineup and on the dining table. Retrospective those thoughts have been wasted energy. Every girl had their own personality, their own story, but we all drowned wind, weather and water, as soon as one of us had the chance to ride her wave of the day. We shared those emotions, cheered each other up on these days without any ridden wave and told each other anecdotes of our lives until the deep evening.

It has been an intense week, in a deeply positive way. Hours of yoga with Esther to start the day or after the surf sessions, a full body Thai massage and many hours of great surfing. By the end of the week, we all came together for a movie night to see ourselves in action, position, attitude, view and much more to learn of. I think I can talk for everyone if I say: «It mostly felt better in the water than it actually looked like.» In favor, it conjured us all a huge smile! After all, we know, it’s all about that feeling while surfing and for the good look on the beach, we do have our solution to wear OY Surf Apparel Bikinis. 

Oh, and by the way, you can as well read more about the «OY Retreat» in the new article in the WaveupMag 3/2018. Where you can find even more stories and experiences of the very first «OY Retreat»!”

01.- 08. JUNI 
More information & booking here. 

Photos: Steph, Bubblerock
Text: Ashley Stutz, Waveup

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