The OY Retreat


The OY Retreat is more than just a surf camp.. It’s a get-together, a fun holiday that combines all the things we love like surf, yoga, great food, sunshine.. oh, and did we say surf? Surf surf surf!


OY teamed up with The Surf Experience (TSE) to organize this journey to beautiful Lagos, Portugal. Portugal needs no introduction as one of the raddest surf destinations in Europe. The TSE team has been providing different activities and camps in the Algarve area for over 20 years now. OY Surf Apparel thought it was the perfect partner to make sure our OY maids are in good hands!

The OY Retreat House

So come on this journey with us and simply OY for a while… We’ve put together two awesome packages for newbies and more experienced surfers. Check them out:

The Action Package

This package includes two surf sessions a day.
It comes with…

  • 1 OY surf bikini set or swimsuit of your choice
  • 2 surf sessions a day
  • Yoga 3 times a week with OY ambassador Esther
  • 3 delicious and healthy meals a day, except on Friday. We are having a night out
  • 1 relaxing massage to loosen up your muscles
  • A video analysis of your surf performance
  • A surf-a-licious Goodie Bag with lots of cool but secret stuff
  • Accomodation at Vila Catarina in a 2-bed or 3-bed room

price: 850 €

Not included in the price: Board or wetsuit rental and pick up from the airport

A typical day at the camp…

At the OY retreat, everyday is different and unique according to the natural rhythm of swell and tide… A typical day at the retreat could be that, well rested from their beauty sleep, the OY maids get up at the break of dawn and watch the beautiful sunrise. They get ready for their first yoga session of the day. When the energy is in balance, it’s time for breakfast! The table is full of healthy, fresh food. Then, finally, they get their gear and get in the van that drives them to the perfect spot. They get into the cool water and shred it! After that, it’s chill time. Hang out at the pool or go shopping in the picturesque village of Lagos? It’s up to you… OY maids get together for the meals, the surf and yoga sessions. The rest of the time, we share stories and enjoy each other’s company. But most of all, we enjoy our freedom.

So, what do you say?

OY co-founder Zelia Zadra and OY maid Lea Müller can’t wait to go on this trip with you and hit the waves. And remember: the number of participants is limited! Registration deadline: APRIL 15th 2019

For more information, hit us up at:

We’d love to spend a week with you and create new OY memories together.

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