OY Ambassador Charlotte Pieper

“I LOVE Bali! You can’t find the same atmosphere anywhere else.”

OY Ambassador Anais Guilbert

Anaïs Guilbert

Dinard, France


Currently living:
Biarritz, France

Working at a surf school during the summer season in France / surfer

Marbella, Biarritz because it is a consistent beach break

How did you first hear about OY Surf Apparel?
I was surfing with a girlfriend 4 years ago, talking about surfing and bikinis. I was looking for bikinis that stay on while you surf, it was actually very hard to find. My friend told me she knew a very good brand, Oy Surf Apparel. I went to surf in Bali a few weeks after that and went to Canggu to meet the brand 😉

What do you love about OY Surf Apparel?
The bikinis. They are just amazing and everywhere I go in the world to surf, the girls I meet in the water ask me about the brand. It has a good design, beautiful colors and the bikinis always stay on (even when you have a big wipe out, haha). I like to surf consistent waves when I am off to Indo and I can always trust my bikini. I also like the vibes Oy Surf Apparel convey. All the Oy maids I met are passionate, natural and full of energy.

Describe your connection with Bali!
I LOVE Bali! I spend some time there when it is cold in France. I have many friends there now and when I go there it is a bit like going home! I love the culture, the people, the food, the easy going life, driving a scooter looking for a perfect wave to surf! It is like my second home! I am always happy there, it is very different from the other places in Indo. You can’t find the same atmosphere anywhere else.

OY Ambassador Anais Guilbert
OY Ambassador Anais Guilbert

What gives you motivation and balance in life?
I would say surf and love. I need to surf as often as I can, I can spend hours in the water. I feel more at ease in the sea than on land and if mermaids existed, I would definitely be one of them! I have many girlfriends who surf and I love to share my sessions with them, to laugh and share good moments. I share my passion with my boyfriend and it is really precious. He is my favorite surf and travel partner. We love to discover new places together. He helps me reach my goals both in surfing and in life. My family is a very important for my balance too. I like to be connected with them even if I am on the other side of the world.

When you’re starving after a surf session, what do you like to eat?
When I am off to Indo, what I like is a big salad with many vegetables (I love avocado) and a big fresh juice! When I am in France, sometimes it’s colder so I like to eat something warm like rice mixed with vegetables.

What advice would you give to someone who just started surfing?
Try hard and don’t give up! Enjoy every moment spent in the ocean because it is a privilege. Always respect the other surfers and locals to keep the good vibes in the sea.

Apart from surfing, what other activity gives you strength and energy?
I practice a lot of pilates. It is a very good discipline to get strength and energy. I also do some cardio when there is no swell, just to keep fit. I also like swimming both in the pool to train and in the sea to find serenity.

OY Ambassador Anais Guilbert
OY Ambassador Anais Guilbert

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