Alena Ehrenbold – «free, challenged, stoked»

Alena Ehrenbold – «free, challenged, stoked»
November 4, 2016 OY Surf Apparel

OY on the blue road

OY ambassador Alena Ehrenbold has a new movie coming out in 2017. In her interview with us, she talked about the message of the “Blue Road Surf Film”, about missing home and about the life lessons surf can teach you.

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OY: Alena, you grew up in Lucerne, Switzerland. Where was your first surf experience and what advice would you give to a beginner?
Alena: In 2004 I did a beginners course in Peniche, Portugal. My advice would be: don’t expect too much, the beginning is really hard, but absolutely worth the struggle!

Your most recent production «Blue Road Surf Film» (www.blueroadsurffilm.com) is coming out in summer 2017. What do you want to express with the film?
It’s a film about the important choices in life. Some things are given, but every day we make choices which guide us in one or the opposite direction.

What was different about making this movie, compared to your previous projects?
This time I wrote the whole script myself and I’m also directing.

How important is your bikini or surf wear?
As I like to ride bigger waves, a bikini that stays in place is crucial – especially when you have a big wipe out 😉

What made you want to become an ambassador for OY Surf Apparel?
I heard, that the bikinis stay in place and that they keep their color and form for many, many sessions – and it’s totally true!


Describe how surf makes you feel in three words.
Free, challenged, stoked.

You’re an economics and law teacher, a surf film director/producer, a surf coach, a freelance journalist… If you had to choose just one of the above to dedicate your life to, which one would it be and why?
Surf film director/producer, as it combines writing, my economics knowledge and surfing culture!

You probably travel around a lot. Is it hard to stay in touch with friends and family?
I sure travel a lot, indeed. But my family and friends got used to it over the years. With internet connection almost everywhere you go, it’s quite easy to keep in touch. And when I’m homesick I just take a flight back home!

Some say that surf is not just a sport; it’s a way of life. What is the most important life lesson surf has taught you?
We are just temporary visitors on this planet till nature changes the rules again.

Liked the Interview? Stay updated about Alena’s projects. alenaehrenbold.ch


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